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Fixtures 2016

T-20 Division­1

Match#Home TeamAway TeamDateTimings
1.Jinnah Cricket ClubBotkyrka Cricket Club23/Apr10:00
2.Spånga United CCStockholm Tigers CC23/Apr10:00
3.Halmstad CCUnited Criket Club23/Apr10:00
4.Botkyrka Cricket ClubSaltsjöbaden CC23/Apr14:00
5.Seaside CCÄlmhult ICC23/Apr14:00
6.Spånga United CCJinnah CC24/Apr10:00
7.Göteborgs 11ans CCSeaside CC24/Apr10:00
8.Botkyrka CCStockholm Tigers CC24/Apr10:00
9.Landskrona CCUnited CC24/Apr10:00
10.Spånga United CCBotkyrka24/Apr14:00
11.Halmstad CCÄlmhult CC24/Apr10:00
12.Västerås CCStockholm Tigers CC30/Apr10:00
13.Halmstad CCSaltsjöbaden CC30/Apr10:00
14.Älmhult CCSaltsjöbaden CC30/Apr14:00
15.Halmstad CCSeaside CC01/May10:00