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Lifelong dream of becoming the No. 1 player on the ATP World Tour

Fixtures 2016

30 overs league Division-2 (South)

Match#Home TeamAway TeamDateTimings
1.Panthers CCAriana CC23/Apr14:00
2.Malmö CCKristianstad CC23/Apr14:00
3.Youth Skåne CCLund23/Apr10:00
4.Seaside CCJönköping CC24/Apr14:00
5.Malmö CCYouth Skåne CC24/Apr10:00
6.Ariana CCVäxjö CC24/Apr14:00
7.Göteborg CCLund24/Apr14:00
8.Göteborg CCSeaside CC30/Apr10:00
9.Kristianstad CCYouth Skåne CC30/Apr10:00
10.Malmö CCLund30/Apr14:00
11.Göteborg CCVäxjö CC01/May10:00
12.Malmö CCAriana CC01/May10:00
13.Malmö CCVäxjö CC07/May10:00
14.Göteborg CCPanthers CC07/May14:00
15.Ariana CCLund07/May14:00
16.Panthers CCJönköping CC07/May14:00
17.Seaside CCVäxjö CC08/May10:00
18.Ariana CCKristianstad CC08/May10:00
19.Göteborg CCKristianstad CC14/May10:00
20.Ariana CCYouth Skåne CC14/May10:00
21.Lund CCJönköping CC14/May14:00
22.Jönköping CCKristianstad CC15/May14:00
23.Panthers CCYouth Skåne CC22/May14:00
24.Göteborg CCYouth Skåne CC28/May11:00
25.Malmö CCKristianstad CC11/Jun14:00
26.Panthers CCKristianstad CC11/Jun10:00
27.Seaside CCAriana CC11/Jun14:00
28.Jönköping CCVäxjö CC11/Jun14:00
29.Ariana CCJönköping CC12/Jun10:00
30.Seaside CCMalmö CC12/Jun14:00
31.Panthers CCVäxjö CC12/Jun14:00
32.Lund CCKristianstad CC12/Jun14 :00
33.Göteborg CCJönköping CC18/Jun10:00
34.Växjö CCYouth Skåne CC18/Jun10:00
35.Malmö CCPanthers CC18/Jun14:00
36.Youth Skåne CCJönköping CC19/Jun10:00
37.Göteborg CCAriana CC19/Jun10:00
38.Seaside CCKristianstad CC19/Jun14:00
39.Seaside CCLund CC25/Jun10:00
40.Malmö CCJönköping CC25/Jun14:00
41.Panthers CCLund CC26/Jun14:00
42.Seaside CCYouth Skåne CC03/Jul14:00
43.Panthers CCSeaside CC02/Jul11:00
44.Växjö CCLund CC02/Jul14:00
45.Kristianstad CCVäxjö CC03/Jul10:00
46.First Semi FinalTeam-1 vs -309/Jul10:00
47.Second Semi FinalTeam-2 vs -409/Jul10:00
48.Final 10/Jul10:00
49.Grand finalWinner North vs South16/Jul10:00